About Us

Renewable Electrical Technologies is a leading provider of renewable power solutions. From wind turbines, solar energy systems and custom-designed power management systems, RET provides flexible, scalable solutions. These systems deliver completely customizable residential, commercial, industrial, military and other off-grid applications. Our solar energy systems offer an affordable, reliable, renewable energy solution for those seeking to reduce dependency on traditional fossil fuel and are looking for an alternative clean energy solution. RET is an emerging designer, system Integrator and solution provider of on-grid, off-grid and hybrid Solar Power Systems for applications starting from fully off-grid solar water pumping systems to utility scale MV/HV grid connected system. An incisive and thoughtful origination by well experienced hands having a vast experience of technology and business of renewable energies, seizing finest expertise, determination, competence and commitment to contribute and deliver renewable energy solutions in the times of a national energy crisis. At RET, we make power work for you.